The Senographe Pristina Prestige

‘Engineered By Women For Women’

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Senographe Pristina

GE’s Senographe Pristina was designed to ease patient anxiety, to help ensure that patients are comfortable during their mammography exam, and to simplify technologists’ daily work.

Memorial MRI & Diagnostic Women’s Imaging Center

Previously located at 8301 Katy Freeway has moved to 1241 Campbell Road in Houston. The facility has relocated to house their new Mammography Technology the ‘Senographe Pristina’.

Memorial MRI have also enhanced the overall comfortability of the new MMD Women’s Center to truly provide a unique environment. Exam rooms are exceptionally large with a comfortable and warm calming décor that focuses on our guest’s privacy.

The MMD Women’s Imaging Center is furnished with the latest in imaging technology, and our caring female staff treats each guest with the utmost dignity and respect.



Introducing Senographe Pristina™ by GE Healthcare

At GE Healthcare, we believe it’s time to improve the entire mammography experience. Our Senographe Pristina does just that by easing patients’ anxieties, making technologists’ jobs easier and helping radiologists diagnose with confidence. This new mammogram platform puts everyone in a better position for effective care.



The Senographe Pristina changes the mammography experience. From elegant lighting and gentle, rounded shapes to a host of comfort-enhancing features, the system helps ease patient anxiety, reduces the chance of movement and results in a better overall exam experience.

  • Comfortable headrest steadies patients, even while the system is acquiring a 3D mammogram
  • Soft armrests permit patients to relax their muscles to simplify compression and image acquisition
  • Flexible paddles tilt and adapt to women’s varying body shapes



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