Delivering Next-Generation Cardiac Care at Memorial MRI & Diagnostic, Katy

Houston’s First MyoStrain® Cardiac Prevention Center

Memorial MRI Katy, Houston’s first and only MyoStrain Cardiac Prevention Center, is now offering MyoStrain, a first-of-its-kind direct heart assessment that provides novel insights about the early effects of disease and treatment on your heart, helping your MyoStrain-certified care provider make preventative treatment decisions to protect your heart before damage occurs.

+ Direct and accurate heart assessment1
+ Safe and non-invasive 10-minute MRI scan
+ Comprehensive report with personalized MyoHealth™ Score

Reference: [1] Guisca, S et al. Multiparametric Early Detection and Prediction of Cardiotoxicity Using Myocardial Strain, T1 and T2 Mapping, and Biochemical Markers: A Longitudinal Cardiac Resonance Imaging Study During 2 Years of Follow-Up. Circulation. 2021;14:e012459
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The Unique MyoStrain MRI Heart Scan

With MyoStrain, we’re committed to providing the highest quality of care available. Together with local community physicians, we are partnering with MyoStrain-certified Cardiologists and Primary Care Physicians who will review your test results and find the best care plan for you. Learn more about MyoStrain