ow guests at our Beaumont location have the benefit of being able to utilize our new Hitachi ECLOS.

The ECLOS is a 16-slice CT solution that is expansive in clinical applications. It has a sleek streamline design and user-friendly control center making it easy for the user to operate while ensuring maximum comfort for the patient.

We are so pleased to be able to offer low-dose imaging, that uses advanced filter technology, with an automatic positioning system that guarantees a smooth workflow.

Our technical staff is trained in CTs with and without 3-D reconstruction and we also provide quality MSK scans.


  1.  High quality studies from higher pitch scans which have the benefit of lower patient dose
  2. ECLOS features a proprietary MPR algorithm that enables sharper reconstruction
  3. Faster scan time, also reducing patient dose
  4. Able to produce 3d images
  5. Up to 450 lb table capacity
  6. Extended coverage with thin slice exams
  7. Enhanced look to improve experience for claustrophobic patients